Pre-Production Samples

Pre-production samples are samples of your packaging printed using production facilities. It's equivalent to going into a production run for 1 unit of packaging, which is why it's the most expensive sample type. However, Pre-production Samples are the ideal choice if you need to see the exact outcome of your packaging before starting on bulk order.

Simplified Samples4

What's Included

Since a Pre-production Sample uses production facilities, all of the following features can be included:

Custom size Custom material
Print (CMYK, Pantone, and/or white ink) Finishes (e.g. matte, glossy)
Add-ons (e.g. foil stamping, embossing)  

Process & Timeline

Generally, Pre-production Samples take 7-10 days to complete and 7-10 days to ship.

1. Specify requirements

Choose the packaging type and define the specs (e.g. size, material).

2. Place order

Place your sample order and make payment in full.

3. Create dieline (2-3 days)

We'll create the dieline for you to add your artwork to.

4. Send artwork

Add your artwork to the dieline and send it back to us for approval.

5. Create sample (7-10 days)

The sample will be printed based on the artwork file you've sent over.

6. Ship sample (7-10 days)

We'll send photos and mail the physical sample to your specified address.


For each Pre-production Sample, you will receive:

1 dieline* of the Pre-production Sample

1 Pre-production Sample delivered to your doorstep

*Note: dielines for inserts are only provided as part of our structural design service.


Pre-production Samples are available for all packaging types.

Cost per Sample* Packaging Type
Our pricing is based on the complexity of your project. Contact us to discuss your project needs and request a customized quote. Our experienced professionals will work with you to provide tailored solutions based on your specific requirements. Mailer Boxes,Folding Carton Boxes,Custom Box Inserts,Tray And Sleeve Boxes,Packaging Sleeves,Packaging Stickers,Paper Bags
Rigid Boxes,Magnetic Rigid Boxes,Advent Calendar Gift Box
Tissue paper, cardboard tubes, foam insert.

*The cost per sample may be subject to change depending on final specifications and complexity.
**Pre-production Samples of custom box inserts are available if you provide us with a dieline of the insert. If you don't have a dieline for your insert, we can provide this as part of our structural design service.

Revisions & Redesigns

Before placing an order for a Pre-production Sample, please double check the specifications and details of your sample are what you're looking for us to produce. Changes in scope and artwork after the sample has been created will come with additional costs.




Revision (no additional fees)

·The box lid is too tight and it's hard to open the box

·The box doesn't close properly

·For inserts, the product is too tight or too loose in the insert

 Redesign (additional sample fees)

·Changing the packaging type

·Changing the size

·Changing the material

·Changing the artwork

·Changing the finish

·Changing the add-on